Event Crew - 2022 Volunteer Information

Thank you for signing up as a volunteer. Please refer to the volunteer confirmation email you will receive approximately 10 days prior to the B2B for an overview of your role on the day.

If you have any questions about your role on the day or if you are no longer avialable to volunteer, please contact Event Volunteer Manager Garry Luscombe.

Site Managers and Contacts

Race Director - Stephen Ford

Event Manager - Kimberly Johns

Water Safety Director - Anthony Burrows

Bondi Beach Manager - Courtney Tallon

Bondi Volunteer Coordinator -TBC

Bronte Beach Manager - Tim Jeffries

Bronte Volunteer Coordinator - Mandi O'Sullivan-Jones

Water Safety Managers

Bronte: TBC


The Bondi to Bronte would not be possible without the amazing and dedicated volunteers whom are committed to ensuring all swimmers and supporters have a wonderful and memorable swim.

To encourage participation and to acknowledge your commitment and support of the event, all volunteers are eligible for patrol hours, get an Event Crew T-Shirt, breakfast, lunch and a complimentary drink in the Club bar after the event.

This is a mass participation event we are incredibly proud to host. An event of this nature means that rain hail or shine all volunteers must turn up no matter what the conditions at 6am, so please ensure you arrive for your designated shift and we'll inform you of any changes in plan!

Bondi Beach Site

Bondi Beach registration and beach set up teams are offered transport leaving from Bronte Beach at 6.10am SHARP.

Please be at Bronte from 6:00am to help load the bus.

The teams operating at Bondi are beach set up, registration, first aid, finish line, merchandise and swimmer bag transport teams.

Please sign in and collect your uniform from the volunteer desk at BONDI if you are part of the Bondi event crew.

Bronte Beach Site

All Bronte crew need to be on site from 6:30am which involves the following areas:

  • Junior Ocean Swim
  • Water station and refreshments
  • First Aid and recovery area
  • Swimmer baggage
  • BBQ
  • Merchandise

Water Safety

Water Safety Briefings will be conducted prior to the JOS, Bondi Bay, Bondi-Bronte-Bondi and B2B swims.

You must attend the briefing ready to enter the water on conclusion of the briefing.

Boards - all Bronte SLSC boards will need to be used for the event. Please ensure all boards are returned to the Club the Wednesday prior. Please note that all locked boards will need to be available for use on the day.

All volunteers from other SLSC's THANK YOU for helping out and please BRING A BOARD WITH YOU! We need as many boards on the water as we can get, all Bronte boards will be utilised on the day by Bronte SLSC members.

JOS water safety briefing commences at Bronte Beach at 8:15am

Bondi Bay water safety briefing commences at Bondi Beach at 8:15am

Bondi to Bronte water safety briefing commences at Bronte Beach and Bondi Beach at 9:30am

All water safety MUST bring the following with them:

  • wear wetsuits & high visibility water safety rashies - no matter what the conditions look like on the morning please bring both of these with you on the day as you will be in the water for up to two hours, so please count on it being sub 18 degrees and windy!
  • sunscreen/zinc and a hat for sun protection.
  • whistle – to attract swimmer/water safety attention
  • Goggles

Volunteer Care

We want you to be fully fueled up and thoroughly enjoy the day so we have organised breakfast, lunch and complimentary drink in the club after the event.

To ensure all eligible volunteers receive their patrol hours you must be checked off on the sign on sheet - prior to starting your volunteer shift. You will also be issued with a volunteer wristband for food & drinks & event t-shirt and cap thanks to our sponsor the Macquarie Bank.

Hot food and snacks will be available for all volunteers throughout the day.

  • Bondi Crew – BBQ rolls, coffee and water from 7:30am at Bondi!
  • IRB’s & Bondi based water safety- BBQ rolls, coffee and water at Bondi from 8:30am, briefing to immediately follow
  • Bronte starting Water safety – BBQ rolls from 8am to get you all fuelled up!
  • Bronte Crew
  • Light snacks available in front of the surf club from 6:15am.
  • BBQ rolls available to all volunteers (other than water safety from 6:30am).

Bronte Beach Prep - Sat 19 March 2022

Please come down to Bronte from 3:00pm on Saturday for 1-2 hours to help us get all the beach infrastructure set up, this will make the B2B morning much easier to manage.

Thank you

The Bondi to Bronte Swim is a great event to meet new people, catch up with old friends and enjoy a great community event. We welcome all members, friends and family of Bondi and Bronte to assist us put on this great event.

We want all volunteers to enjoy your day as much as the swimmers - much effort has been made to ensure that volunteers are cared for. Please contact us if you would like to help out on the day.

Bondi to Bronte Sponsor

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Charity Partner

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