Ocean Swim Training

Bondi to Bronte Training Clinic - 2019

We've got some exciting plans for this year's swim training clinic.              

With the aim of encouraging everyone to get into ocean swimming shape, the training session helps people understand the Bondi to Bronte course conditions, and ultimately to prepare for an enjoyable B2B swim!

The clinic is open to all swimmers who intend on swimming the B2B, the Bondi Bay 1km or those who just want some ocean swimming skill development at the start of the summer ocean swimming season.

B2B Clinic

The date for this year will be confirmed by 1st October and details will be updated here so make sure you check back in. 

What to expect: The clinic will start off at a steady pace in order to help build on the skills you'll need. As the program continues, we will be diving into more challenging drills.

Please note, we will not be swimming laps of Bondi or Bronte Bay in this program. It is designed to develop your ocean swimming skills, so it is advised that you do your own lap training on the side in order to get swim fit.

If you cannot swim 1km in the pool, then you need to do more swim practice before joining this group. We cannot have entry level swimmers joining this group, swimming in the ocean, as it could become a safety hazard.

The training session covers the following skill development topics:

  • Water entry for start of race
  • Negotiating the break
  • Rip identification and use
  • Slip stream swimming techniques
  • Dealing with other swimmers thrashing around you
  • Locating the buoys during your swim
  • Catching waves

Each swimmer will receive a high visibility swim cap which has to be worn at the session.

Each swimmer is required to bring: swimmers, towel, goggles, water, sunscreen and wetsuit (recommended).