How to Plan your Swim


  • Join a regular swim group near you
  • Get into a regular and frequent training program including laps in the pool if you have access

Specifically we encourage swimmers to adhere to the following: 
  • Always swim with a buddy or some sort of safety support (someone in a boat, a paddler, notify friends on shore, etc).
  • Swim within your limits. Open water conditions vary widely, so make sure you know the conditions you are swimming in and swim within your abilities when it comes to distance, temperature, waves and currents.
  • Leave no trace. The B2B event is passionate about supporting and to promoting the sustainable use of open water, make sure you pick up any rubbish and leave the water and surrounding areas as you found it

friends, fellow swimmers, support craft

  • Develop good local knowledge: Check conditions regularly in the lead up. 
  • Tell people where and when you are swimming, and when you expect the be finished
  • Know your local waterway hazards e.g. submerged items, shallow banks etc
  • Ensure conditions are safe on the day if not, reschedule.
  • Swim with a buddy or group. If any swimmer is struggling stop, render assistance – seek advanced assistance if required. Continue or try again another day.


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