1km Bondi Bay

Bondi Bay Ocean Swim Map

The course starts and finishes in the same location on Bondi Beach, so all swimmers can have their family and friends to cheer them on and celebrate with them at the finish.Swimmers leave the beach just south of the lifeguard tower before looping around within Bondi Bay and back to the sand for a high five as you cross the finish line. The course distance will be no greater than 1km; however the final positioning of the buoys will depend on the conditions on the day. Swimmers are to keep the course markers (buoys) on their left throughout the swim and ensure they sight the buoys and listen to directions from the water safety team.

What's not to love about a 1km swim! The perfect first time ocean swim challenge, an ideal stepping stone to the longer B2B event and a great addition for seasoned swimmers wanting to push their limits and complete two distances.

All swimmers must mark their name off the list at the registration tables which will take place in Bondi Beach. Registrations open at 6:45am, so you can collect your wave's coloured swim cap.

Don't be late, as the 1KM swim registration closes at 8:20am,

Start time: 8:45am

Please note: Start times are indicative only and may be subject to change by the event organisers on the day of the event. Announcements will be made if changes are required. Your understanding and patience is appreciated.


We offer each category for male and female.

13-15 years
16-19 years
20-24 years
25-29 years
30-34 years
35-39 years
40-44 years
45-49 years
50-54 years
55-59 years
60-64 years
65-69 years
70 years +
Entry Criteria

Minimum Age of Competitors is 13 years old on race day.

Prize Presentation

There are no prizes, but everyone who finishes is a winner !

Of course, if you beat your buddies, you will also get bragging rights !

Don't hesitate also to have a look at our prizes presentation page

Wave Time
Wave Sequence Start Category Fastest Time (2022) Average Time (2022)
Wave 1 8:45am
Male - U40 (13-15, 16-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39)
Wave 2 8:47am
Female - U40 (13-15, 16-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39)
Wave 3 8:49am
Male - 40+(40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70+)
Wave 4 8:51am
Female - 40+(40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70+)

Why do we have waves?

  1. For swimmer and our water team’s safety, as we need to limit numbers in the water at any one time.
  2. To ensure swimmers are within a category suitable for their age.
  3. To ensure fairness in competition and promote sportsmanship.

Rolling Starts

This year we will be adopting a rolling start for each of our waves. This means that instead of all swimmers in a wave starting at the same time, they will be sent off in small groups (3-6 people) a few seconds apart. Every swimmer's official start time begins when they cross the timing mat at the water's edge of the swim start. Each athletes time is marked by their individual race chip, attached to the Velcro strip around their ankle. Listen for instructions from our volunteers helping to marshal swimmers at the start line.

Rolling starts are becoming far more common at ocean swimming and Ironman events. It allows for a smoother and safer swim as smaller groups are entering the water at the same time, helping to spread swimmers out across the course.

Wetsuit Policy

The 1K swim is a participation course, and first and foremost, our responsibility to is to ensure the safety and comfort of all swim participants and our Water Safety Team.

Equally, we want every single person to enjoy their swim experience. Water temperatures and surf conditions can vary significantly year on year and swell direction can keep people in the water longer than their average 1km pool swim.

As there are no prizes for this course, we encourage all participants to wear whatever will make their swim more comfortable.

If you are also swimming in either the 5K or B2B swim, please ensure, you have read and understood our complete wetsuit policy.

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