Wetsuit Policy

First and foremost, our responsibility to is to ensure the safety and comfort of all swim participants and our Water Safety Team. Equally, we want every single person to enjoy their swim experience.

Water temperatures and surf conditions can vary significantly year on year. Swell direction can keep people in the water longer than their average 2km swim, which in turn keeps our water safety team in the water longer.

We have a clearly defined wetsuit policy that enables all swimmers to decide whether to wear a wetsuit on the day dependant on conditions. The policy allows for participants to have a fair and equitable opportunity to win prizes if that is a priority for them.

We provide a complimentary bag transport service from Bondi to Bronte for all participants, so feel free to bring your wetsuit and make the decision once you are at Bondi.

We know wetsuit allowance levels/temps are contentious.

Our event Timing partner, will list results split by non-wetsuits and wetsuits. Swimmers will be separated as they cross the finish line into wetsuits and non-wetsuits.

  • Age Group Prizes
  • Fastest non-wetsuit wearer
  • 2nd fastest non-wetsuit wearer

In short our policy is as follows and is based on the water temperature taken by Waverley Council Lifeguards at 6am on race day at both Bondi Beach and Bronte Beach:

  • Water Temperature =18°C and above: First and second prize in each age category is awarded to non-wetsuit wearers. An overall first and second prize is allocated to the 1st and 2nd placed male and female wetsuit wearer regardless of age category (excluding Elite and 5K course participant - see below), prizes are not allocated for each age category for wetsuit wearers.
  • Water Temperature below 18°C: All participants will be strongly encouraged to wear a wetsuit. First and second prize will be awarded for each age group to the first and second person that crosses the line regardless of wetsuit status.
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