the kids cancer project

Let’s find kinder, more effective treatments for kids with cancer

Watch Nathan’s story below. He lost his leg to childhood cancer, but now he swims to raise money for scientific research so others won’t have to face the same trauma.

Since The Kids’ Cancer Project was founded in 1993, the survival rate for kids’ cancers has risen from 58% to 86%. That’s no accident. That statistic is only true because amazing people like you have kindly donated and raised funds to support lifesaving research.

Each percentage isn’t just a number, it represents thousands of children. Every time the survival rate goes up thanks to new research, it means more children can grow up, free from cancer and the fear of dying − as all kids should. It means families can raise their children rather than lose them to a cruel disease.

But we can’t take our foot off the gas. Three kids still die from cancer in Australia every week, and the only way to change that is to continue funding research now.

We need you to help raise more lifesaving funds to support kids’ cancer research. Please set up your fundraising page by clicking here.

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the kids cancer project