2km Bondi to Bronte

Bondi to Bronte Ocean Swim Map

The course traditionally starts in front of Bondi Pavilion, runs out from Bondi, around Mackenzie’s Point and down the coast into Bronte Beach, a distance of 2.0 - 2.4km (depending on conditions dictating the positioning of the buoys).

All the buoys on the course are fluoro pink and we hang a large fluoro pink banner we hang from the south headland of Bronte, to give swimmers a long distance guide or in cases of big swell. The last buoy will be fluoro green so all swimmer know once they pass that buoy to head for Bronte Beach.

The finish is traditionally positioned at the north end of Bronte Beach, however is dependent on conditions on the day. Once you sight the large finishing arch positioned on the beach, make your swim into the shore – but don’t forget to look behind you.

Starting and finishing at two different beaches is one of the unique aspects of this journey. It gives all participants a sense of incredible personal achievement.

The Bondi to Bronte is one of Sydney's and Australia’s most iconic ocean swims and a true bucket list achievement. Starting at Bondi Beach, swimmers finish their journey at Bronte SLSC, the world’s first Surf Life Saving Club.

This iconic journey swim runs between the first two Surf Life Saving clubs in the world.

All swimmers must mark their name off the list at the registration tables which will take place in Bondi Beach. Registrations open at 7:30am, so you can collect your wave's coloured swim cap.

Don't be late, as the B2B swim registration closes at 9:40am, Race briefing on the beach at 9:45am and will be repeated prior to the start of each wave

Start time: 10:05am

Please note: Start times are indicative only and may be subject to change by the event organisers on the day of the event. Announcements will be made if changes are required. Your understanding and patience is appreciated.

Entry Criteria

Minimum Age of Competitors is 13 years old on race day.

Elite Division:

The top 100 placed swimmers from the the previous edition event qualify for the Elite Division.

All other entrants for the 'Elite Wave' should submit an entry for the 'Elite Wave' to the Race Director for consideration.

Approval is given by the Race Director whose decision is final. If you would like to enter into the 'Elite Wave' on the race day you will have to seek approval from the Race Director at the 'Elite Wave' registration table. Please email the race director at swims@bonditobronte.com.au with 1 of the following -

  • recent 2km+ open water time, event name & event date
  • current 2km pool time
  • evidence of a top 50 placing in another 2km+ ocean swim

If you are interested by the elite division, have a look also a our elite division swimwear policy


We offer each category for male and female.

Elite Division*
U16 years 
16-19 years
20-24 years
25-29 years
30-34 years
35-39 years
40-44 years
45-49 years
50-54 years
55-59 years
60-64 years
65-69 years
70 years +
Fins, Floaties, Families or Friends

*The Bondi to Bronte Swim will offer a separate wave for the fastest swimmers. This Elite Open Wave will be the first wave off the beach. Please read the entry criteria section to find more about Elite Division



Teams (4 members whose ages are combined to give the total team age)

  • Under 90 years - combined ages total 52 - 89 yearse.g. 13yrs, 13yrs, 17yrs, 21 years = 64 years
  • 90+ years - combined ages total 90 - 129yrse.g. 21yrs, 25yrs, 25yrs, 42 years = 113 years
  • 130+ years - combined ages total 130 - 149yrse.g. 33yrs, 35yrs, 38yrs, 42 years = 148 years
  • 150+ years - combined ages total 150 or moree.g. 44yrs, 45yrs, 55yrs, 58 years = 202 years

Instructions for entering a team:

  • Decide on who your swimmers will be – check the ages of each
  • Decide on a team name – all members must use the same team name
  • Each swimmer in the team must complete their individual B2B entry first including their team name in their individual swimmer entry form online
  • Once all individuals have entered, the team captain can enter the team using the team registration form – stating each of the swimmers names.

You are a company and you want to register as a team:

Let's have a chat together and contact us here!

Wave Time
Wave SequenceStartCategoryFastest Time (2022)Average Time (2022)
Wave 110:05am Male - Elite 33:3440:04
Female - Elite 34:1741:07
Wave 210:08am Male - U20's 37:5753:36
Female- U20's 43:5552:13
Male - 20-24 38:0756:26
Female- 20-24 41:151:00:03
Wave 310:11am Male - 50-59 39:3201:01:19
Wave 410:13am Female- 50-59 42:2701:03:15
Wave 510:15am Male - 60+45:4101:04:08
Wave 610:17am Female- 60+50:1701:05:55
Wave 710:19am Male - Fins Floaties, Families & Friends 49:2301:08:58
Female - Fins Floaties, Families & Friends 53:0101:08:40
Wave 810:22am Male - 35-3944:0401:00:23
10 minutes break
Wave 910:32am Male - Wetsuit wearers
Female - Wetsuit wearers
Wave 1010:36am Female -30-34 44:2201:01:03
Female - 35-39 41:3701:01:57
Wave 1110:39am Male - 25-2940:3956:30
Female -25-29 42:4701:00:01
10 minutes break
Wave 1210:49am Male - 40-44 43:3258:19
Female - 40-44 43:3759:59
Wave 1310:52am Male - 45-49 38:3456:39
Female - 45-49 47:1001:01:48
Wave 1410:55am Male - 30-34 40:2057:50

Why do we have waves?

  1. For swimmer and our water team’s safety, as we need to limit numbers in the water at any one time.
  2. To ensure swimmers are within a category suitable for their age.
  3. To ensure fairness in competition and promote sportsmanship.
  4. To all allow B2B management to assess the conditions and make safe judgement calls for the continuation of the event
  5. To allow for the on-water safety team rotation

Rolling Starts

This year we will be adopting a rolling start for each of our waves. This means that instead of all swimmers in a wave starting at the same time, they will be sent off in small groups (3-6 people) a few seconds apart. Every swimmer's official start time begins when they cross the timing mat at the water's edge of the swim start. Each athletes time is marked by their individual race chip, attached to the Velcro strip around their ankle. Listen for instructions from our volunteers helping to marshal swimmers at the start line.

Rolling starts are becoming far more common at ocean swimming and Ironman events. It allows for a smoother and safer swim as smaller groups are entering the water at the same time, helping to spread swimmers out across the course.

Prize Presentation

Join us post swim at the presentations as our incredible sponsors have some great lucky draw prizes to give away! Anyone that attends the swim presentations goes into the draw!

Unfortunately, due to the cost of postage we are unable to post prizes after the event.

Elite Category

$500 cash to the 1st male and female Elite category winners

Other Categories

Prizes will be awarded for 1st & 2nd Male & Female in each category. All prizes must be collected at the presentation at Bronte Surf Club 1:00pm following the swim, or from Bronte Surf Club.

Wetsuit wearers will have their own category and will not be eligible for overall or age category prizes. Find more about our wetsuit policy in the wetsuit policy section


Each team member (4 max) of the fastest team in their age category wins a prize!

Don't hesitate also to have a look at our prizes presentation page

Wetsuit Policy

First and foremost, our responsibility to is to ensure the safety and comfort of all swim participants and our Water Safety Team. Equally, we want every single person to enjoy their swim experience.

Water temperatures and surf conditions can vary significantly year on year. Swell direction can keep people in the water longer than their average 2km pool swim, which in turn keeps our water safety team in the water longer.

We have a clearly defined wetsuit policy that enables all swimmers to decide whether to wear a wetsuit on the day dependant on conditions. The policy allows for participants to have a fair and equitable opportunity to win prizes if that is a priority for them.

We provide a complimentary bag transport service from Bondi to Bronte for all participants, so feel free to bring your wetsuit and make the decision once you are at Bondi.

Please ensure, if you are keen to be in the running for a prize, that you have read and understood our complete wetsuit policy

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