B2B Team Registration Form

Sunday 4th December 2022

Instructions for entering a team:

  • Decide on who your swimmers will be - check the ages of each.
  • Decide on a team name - all members must use the same team name.
  • Each swimmer in the team must complete their individual B2B entry first and include the team name in their entry form.
  • Once all individuals have entered, the team captain can enter the team using each of the (4) swimmers names.
  • No late entries or on-the-day team applications will be accepted.
  • The person entering the team must ensure all details are completed correctly as the Bondi to Bronte organisers will not accept responsibility for incorrect information being entered.

Calculating your Teams age category:

  • Under 90 years - combined ages must be between 52-89 years e.g. 13yrs, 13yrs, 17yrs, 21yrs = 64 years
  • 90+ years - combined ages total 90-129 years e.g. 21yrs, 25yrs, 25yrs, 42yrs = 113 years
  • 130+ years - combined ages total 130-149 years e.g. 33yrs, 35yrs, 38yrs, 42yrs = 148 years
  • 150+ years - combined ages total 150 or more e.g. 44yrs, 45yrs, 55yrs, 58yrs = 152 years
IMPORTANT: Only to be completed once each Team Member has entered the B2B 2022 race individually.

Team Captain Details

Team Entry

Under 90 years
(combined ages total less than 80yrs)

90+ years
(combined ages total 90-129yrs)

130+ years
(combined ages total 130-149yrs)

150+ years
(combined ages total more than 150yrs)

CLICK ONCE ONLY and wait for the form to process.

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