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Absolutely Loved It

Firstly, Bondi to Bronte the other weekend was my 1st Ocean swim ever & I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!! I’m now proud to admit that I’m rather obsessed with the ocean swims & love the culture & atmosphere it entails. I’ve done the last couple of swims since- love it! Thank you for organising the event & I look forward to next year.


A Must Do

The Bondi to Bronte is a magnificent, spectacular swim, one that any self-respecting, half-way committed ocean swimmer wants, yearns to do and must.

Paul Ellercamp -

Great Praise

Great praise from me to everyone involved particularly the first aid people (thank you Siobhan, Trish F, Helen Bours, Sal Fleeting, Bron Johnson my Milli) and to Col McD for letting me have a rest on his tube. What a swim! Thank you also for the great organisation by Stephen and Graham Ford and all the key players, you did a fantastic job.


My Maiden Ocean Swim

Just to say that the event on Sunday 7 Dec was fantastic! The organisation (and being a volunteer on the day) was extremely well executed, and the support along the way during the swim by Lifesavers & volunteers really helped to keep me going on my maiden ocean swim. Crossing the finish line & seeing all the colour & support was amazing! Congratulations on the running of another successful event & big pat on the back to all the team involved - was totally awesome experience!! 


Name Called

Great day.. Good swim well organized, loved hearing my name called as I crossed the finish.


Old Timers Grateful

I'd like to thank the surf club guys for putting on a great swell for us Canberra lap swimmers at this years Bondi to Bronte swim. Nice of you to also toss a stiff, chill breeze and a few bags of blueys in for good measure... it all makes for a nice adventure. I'd also like to thank them for peppering the course with plenty of lifeguards should the wheels (or rather arms) fall off during this big adventure of a swim. I don't think I have swum in swell that large before - it was solid work all the way - and I certainly feel I earned that sausage sanger at Bronte after I finished. Try as I might, I still managed to miss catching any sort of wave on the way into the beach which leaves me with a perfect record for all the swims so far (dammit). I am glad you didn't cancel the event as we do drive a fair distance to swim at your beaches, and hopefully the Palm to Whale will go ahead, as we missed out on that one last year due to big seas also. Thanks again. I'll be back.

Alan Dickson old timers squad


Excellent work by all the organisers and the lads that sat out around McKenzies points directing people in and offering encouragement. My first one and will be back for sure.

Chris Currie

Our love to your mothers!

After swimming the Bondi to Bronte yesterday I walked back along the Coastal Walk. Looking down I could see some competitors still swimming, being escorted by lifesavers in IRB's, board paddlers, jet skis, and surf boat rowers. As I pulled the zip up higher on my fleece top to protect me from the cold my thoughts turned to those volunteers who had given up their time to sit out there for hours in the cold wind to look after us. I think I speak for all of us ocean swimmers in thanking all of you who worked tirelessly from early Sunday morning to make this a safe event for us - Thanks.

William Sidwell

Overome my Fear

My goal was to overcome my fear of the ocean after having been caught in a rip 25 years earlier. Had prepared for a year doing laps in a pool; endurance not speed the goal. As I lost the crowd who swam ahead I felt totally alone out to sea, but completely in control. The ocean embraced me. Just me and the ocean. The next wave of swimmers caught up, giving me the orientation I needed. Leaving Bondi behind seemed like forever, yet the longer distance between the point and Bronte seemed to fly by in comparison. I arrived on shore feeling more alive than ever before, on my 42 birthday. It was the swim of my life, for my life!


Point Proved

Mark and I had a laugh on race day. We recalled you saying something like "check out the waves at Bronte and before starting, they're often significantly different at each beach". Sure, we thought, rolling our eyes. Like, how different can they be? As you said in your email "On the morning at Bronte, the conditions were rough and ugly ...". At Bondi the waves were gentle. Your point was proved...hence why we did the training i guess. To misquote Donald Rumsfeld: We didn't know what we didn't know. Nearly pulled the pin after seeing those Bronte waves, justifiably i would have thought seeing i wanted my first swim to be a happy experience, but the optimism of everyone at the beach convinced me that it was OK to go. Figured i had to trust you and your teams judgement, (plus the training we'd put in!). The pushing back of the 'old farts' start increased anxiety a bit but one minute out from the gun i asked the lifeguard nearby what Bronte was like."It's come good just as the race has begun" he said. That sealed the deal. The guards at Bronte were superb, especially those treading water in the swell at Bronte guiding the swimmers through. Appreciate all the work you put into making this event happen, happen safely and happen with a great sence of fun and accomplishment


Room for a View

Alun was right about the melee in the surf at the start. It was frustrating trying to get past people who had "stalled" in the big surf. Nevertheless congrats to the surf club for continuing to run the event and who had well placed paddlers all the way round. They did a good job organizing an event in challenging conditions which forced them to change things on the run. What a great day for an ocean swimmer though. Big surf going out at Bondi and bodysurf size waves coming in at Bronte. The highlight for me was looking around about 300 metres off McKenzie's Point, paddocks of green ocean, swimmers peppered around and a big swell rolling through. I could see a bunch of people up on top of Mckenzie's Point thinking they had a great outlook. Little would they understand that those below in the water had the best view. A view which only a small part of the population gets to see. Aren't we lucky bastards?!

Mike McLellan

Run Seamlessly

I just wanted to go out of my way to say a big thank you to the organisers. The event was run seamlessly but the standout feature was the water support. At no time did I not have someone on a board in sight, and there were plenty of buoys to see the whole way. But the pinnacle point was the surf lifesavers at Bronte who were in the water holding up their rescue batons. They formed a line from the crashing waves all the way to the beach, and upon exiting the surf were ready to instantly offer you a hand if you needed it. This team of people made the swim. Bronte can be dubious with its surf and rips and yet these guys and girls really made you feel safe, especially at the end when you are already tired. Thanks again, and please pass on this email of thanks on to all surf life crews who helped out. It is often hard for people to thank them in the thick of crashing waves and running to the finish line. Thanks again.

Peter Monaghan

Run Very Professional

Great event. Well run very professional. The bouys are easy to see which is something many events do not do. I hope to see this event continue for a long time.


See You Next Year

The marker buoys were fantastic. Water was a bit slow at the finish for the 50+ age group. Overall a great day. See you next year.


Such a Good Swim

I just want to say that I had an absolutely amazing day - it was such a well organised event. I really couldn’t believe that with over 2000 swimmers, I didn’t have to wait in a queue to collect my timing chip and cap nor did I have any issues whatsoever in handing in my bag at the start nor finding it at the end. Well done! The only suggestion I would make is to perhaps separate the men and the women. It was such a good swim for me but I often had clearly ultra competitive men swimming over the top of me. Really stuffs your rhythm. Not sure why they kept doing it either seeing that there’s a whole ocean there. I was not surprised to see an attendance rate of 73% (men) & 27% (women). Or perhaps, even if it was 50/50, I would have got trampled by the ultra competitive women?? Anyway, it won’t stop me from ensuring that the Bondi-Bronte is on my annual must do list.


Thanks for Training Advice

I just wanted to give you an update on my first long distance Ocean swim experience. Firstly thanks for training and advice. I learnt a lot and gained the confidence and enough experience to enter the water as confident as I could be When I saw the race last year at Bronte, I said it was something i wanted to do even thought the distance and Ocean environment where foreign to me in confidence and ability. 4 Years ago i struggled to swim 25m ,but as i entered the water on sunday I felt in control the whole race and in fact i was disappointed when i finished as i was enjoying myself so much!!. I finished with a time of 45m.48s which was about 10min faster then i planned and considering I average 25min in the pool for a 1Km i was very pleased. So thanks again for your support and training and for running an excellent event that people of different abilities can enter and experience. If in years to come if someone was to ask me if i was an ocean swimmer, I can look them in the eye and say yes i am !! Thanks


Tough Day at the Office

A huge thanks to the lifesavers and support boaties who supported us from Bondi to Bronte. I don't know how long they were all in the water looking after the pack but they were still out there watching the last swimmers at about 11:40am when I walked around the point back to Bondi. That's about 2-3 hours getting bashed in the surf on a "tough day at the office". THANK YOU.

Alex Prendergast

Truth from Fiction

Congrats to Bronte Surf Club for making an early judgment to proceed with the Bondi to Bronte swim. Great swim in challenging conditions and everyone left with a B2B swim story. By the evening my story had been embellished to such a degree I couldn't remember what the truth was. Thanks Bronte.

Ben Hawkins

Unique Aspects

Thanks for organising a great swim yesterday. Even though you can't take credit for the perfect conditions You still organised a pretty good event. As the website says "Starting and finishing at two different beaches is one of the unique aspects of this journey." In particualr it gives recreational swimmers like myself a real sense of achievement!! - It gave me the opportunity to enjoy a swim in an area that I would not venture into unsupervised. Thanks once again.


What a Great Beach and Great Club

I participated in the Bronte Bay swim this Sunday. it is my first Eastern Suburbs beach swim. Your club was magnificently welcoming and really well organised. Thanks! What a great beach and great club. Some words of encouragement were just what a newbie like me (although and older newbie) needed. Thanks again.

Elizabeth Stewart

Will Be Back

Thanks for all the volunteers, both at the clubhouse and out in the water - your hardwork and smiles delivered a great day for all. I will be back next year! 


Wonderful, Enjoyable and Safe Event

I took part in the B2B yesterday and just wanted to thank everyone involved for putting on a fantastic event. In particular, the guys out on the course were superb. Everywhere I looked there was someone monitoring the course, but perfectly positioned so as not to get in the way of swimmers. Really brilliant. Thank you for making this such a wonderful, enjoyable and safe event! Can't wait for next year.

Gemma Houghton

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