Personal Belongings

1KM & 5KM

In the event village you will find a bag storage tent for that is monitered by our wonderful volunteers all times!

If you're swimming the Bondi to Bronte as well, don't forget to collect your bag after your 1KM/5KM swim and take it to the Bondi to Bronte bag drop section on the promenade so your bag can be transported to Bronte. .

Bondi to Bronte

For the Bondi to Bronte, Bronte Surf Club facilitates transportation of all swimmers’ personal belongings to be taken from Bondi Beach to Bronte Beach

Bag drop tent is opening at 9:30am

There are 2 bag truck departure times:

  • 10.15 AM
  • 11.15 AM

Look for the truck in the designated bag drop area near the registrations area.

You will be given a tag to tie and write your swim number on and your bag will be transported to Bronte Beach.

Bags will be delivered into the park area where they will separated by swim wave colours. There will be a team who will secure and help you locate your bag easily.

To avoid the use of plastic bags we ask all swimmers to bring their own waterproof bag for their belongings to be transported. These bags can be recognised at collection by an attached coloured tag, that matches the colour of their wave group in the swim.

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