Bondi to Bronte Wave Times

B2B Race Start

Bondi to Bronte Ocean Swim | 10:30am, Sunday 4th December 2022 | Bondi Beach 

Wave Sequence
Fastest Time
Average Time
Wave 1 10:30am Elite M25:0827:52

Wave 2 10:33am U20's M27:1237:28

    20-24 M28:4340:34

Wave 3 10:36am 50-59 M29:5744:09
Wave 4 10:38am 50-59 F34:3747:01
Wave 5 10:40am 60+ M35:1247:09
Wave 6 10:42am 60+ F36:4949:06
Wave 7 10:44am Fins Floaties, Families & Friends M32:1648:59

Wave 810:47amWetsuit wearersM26:2941:12


10 minutes break

Wave 9  10:58am 35-39 M29:3742:27
Wave 10 11:01am 30-34 F30:5042:51

Wave 11 11:04am 25-29 M28:5641:18


10 minutes break

Wave 12 11:14am 40-44 M27:4640:21

Wave 13 11:17am 45-49 M28:0140:28

Wave 14 11:20am 30-34 M29:2640:29

Please note: Start times are indicative only and may be subject to change by the event organisers on the day of the event. Announcements will be made if changes are required. Your understanding and patience is appreciated.

Why do we have waves?

  1. For swimmer and our water team’s safety, as we need to limit numbers in the water at any one time.
  2. To ensure swimmers are within a category suitable for their age.
  3. To ensure fairness in competition and promote sportsmanship.

Why are 10 min breaks scheduled between the waves?

  1. To maintain swimmer safety at all times
  2. To limit the number of swimmers on the course at any one time
  3. To all allow B2B management to assess the conditions and make safe judgement calls for the continuation of the event
  4. To allow for the on-water safety team rotation

Rolling Starts

This year we will be adopting a rolling start for each of our waves. This means that instead of all swimmers in a wave starting at the same time, they will be sent off in small groups (3-6 people) a few seconds apart. Every swimmer's official start time begins when they cross the timing mat at the water's edge of the swim start. Each athletes time is marked by their individual race chip, attached to the Velcro strip around their ankle. Listen for instructions from our volunteers helping to marshal swimmers at the start line.

Rolling starts are becoming far more common at ocean swimming and Ironman events. It allows for a smoother and safer swim as smaller groups are entering the water at the same time, helping to spread swimmers out across the course. 

Note - the Elite wave will still be a mass start

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